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Now here's a practical smart card application

By Dave Birch posted May 11 2006 at 12:54 PM

This is only peripherally connected with payments and I can't decide whether it's fun or silly. In any case it comes from Trendwatching which is the sort of website marketing types spend a lot of time surfing.

>"the Nespresso Chipcard (which stores coffee preferences for registered individuals, and when inserted into a vending machine, communicates with a central database to brew a personalised cup of coffee)."

One wonders about the need for a central database though, given it's a smart card...


They used to have a similar thing at MIT's media lab... a RFID tag on the bottom of a mug with preferences, tied in to a little system that read the tag when the mug was put under a high-end Saeco expresso machine (which happens to come with a serial port) and starts the machine up with your preferences.

Thankfully no servers involved or records kept!

Is it some sort of Department of Health thing? Perhaps if you order one too many lattes, a health visitor will pop round to lecture you on the dangers of caffeine.

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