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By davebirch posted Jun 15 2006 at 12:33 PM

[Dave Birch] It's truly amazing what google can deliver. While searching for something else, I found out all about Mondex, 3D authentication and many other things... "Mondex" seems to be short for "monetary dexterity." While "dexterity" means "easy handling," the dictionary definition of "dexter" is "right hand" or "right side." Therefore, the term "Mondex" could very well have been chosen to depict "money in the right hand"!!

And there's more...

And wouldn't you know it that Mastercard and Visa's "Secure Electronic Transaction" system produced the "SET Mark," the registered logo for a debit-card system used exclusively for internet purchases...where "Set" happens to be the Egyptian version of Satan (or Satan's brother), so that SET MARK could have the below-table meaning of "SATAN's MARK." Might we wonder if "Master" in "Mastercard" had been a reference to Satan/Lucifer from the card-company's inception?

P.S. For those of you who have never played Steve Jackson Games excellent Illuminati card game, the title of the post comes from that.


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