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It's the PayStation 3!

By davebirch posted Jan 24 2007 at 8:09 AM

[Dave Birch] Leo van Hove was the first to point to a super story coming from Japan. If you needed a reminder just how far Europe (and for that the matter, the U.S.) is behind Japan when it comes to digital money, Sony is rolling out a USB contactless interface for the Playstation 3 so that Japanese consumers can pay for online games with their EDY cards and, of course, their Felica-equipped mobile phones.

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I think I noted somewhere previously that more than 1.5% of EDY transactions are already online. It's only a matter of time -- probably a very short time -- before the new generation of Japanese consumers find themselves loading their e-purse using their PlayStation rather than mucking around on the Internet or walking around to an ATM. Here's a picture....


I am literally green with envy. Not because of my deep-seated nerdism, but because this sort of development should be -- assuming that banks and operators learn to get along together -- a vision of what's to come with NFC-equipped mobile phones in Europe. This is digital money for the masses, an instantiation of the Mondex dream using disruptive technology. Mind you, my new phone did come with a mini-golf game, so you can't say that U.K. operators, banks and content providers aren't pushing the envelope of innovation to breaking point.

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