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Showcase for new payment ideas

By Dave Birch posted Jan 18 2010 at 8:26 AM

[Dave Birch] As part of the 13th annual Digital Money Forum in London on 10th-11th March 2010, we're going to have a some fun with "The Dragon's Factor's Got Talent". We're inviting new companies in the payment space to come along and showcase their ideas in the form of a competition: they will each get to make a 10 "elevator pitch" to the audience (with no slides or visual aids). At the end of the Forum they will then be "judged" by an expert panel who will award a prize to the pitch they think most likely to succeed as a business. So we'll have fun, we'll see some new ideas and perhaps see a new business get international attention. We've already shortlisted a couple of companies, and we're looking for more.

If you're going to be in London on 10th-11th March 2009 and you'd like to present your idea for a new retail e-payment product or service to a great audience and distinguished panel, get your "application" to me as soon as possible and we'll choose a somewhere in the region of six to eight shortlisted pitches. If you're chosen for the shortlist, youll get a free delegate place at the Forum and we'll even cover a room for the night at the conference hotel so that you can stay and join in the fun.

There will, of course, in true Consult Hyperion fashion, be a prize for the best pitch, but real prize will be the opportunity to showcase your startup to an informed audience that may well include just the kind of angel, VC or next round investor that you are looking for!

These opinions are my own (I think) and presented solely in my capacity as an interested member of the general public [posted with ecto]


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Exhilarating Blog! I am overwhelmed with your depiction. Thanks for giving out your creative mind's eye.

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